Get through the dungeon using your shrink ray. Don't point it at yourself.

Controls: WASD and mouse.

Submission to Mini Jam 45 - Dungeons. Limitation: pocket size.


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any way you could release the game so I could put it on my site? Or better yet get the code so I can figure out how you do all the GoDot coolness you do? :D


Alrighty well... haha going through this door restarts the game back to the beginning lols! I thought I was gonna see another level! I do agree that stepping on the shrunken skellies is kinda fun to do lols! :)

Thank you so much! I'm glad you enjoyed it.


Stepping on tiny enemies is fun!

I love the pixelart and the sound. Feel free to make some more levels in the future ;)

Thank you! :)