The system is infested by unspeakable space horrors and it is up to you to purge them before they purge you.

Use WASD or arrows to move, the mouse to aim, and left click or space to shoot.

Your goal is to destroy a set amount of enemy bases which look like big asteroids with tentacles. Collect batteries to recharge your lights.


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Sound and musical accompaniment are building a very good atmosphere for the game! (Music) Being dark and myserious, you're getting afraid if those monsters are behind you or getting closer and closer.

I love the mechanic that there are only 2 light sourcers in this dark and unknown space, so you have to carefully manage what to do next while trying not to die, not to lose all the energy and achieve the game's gole.

Over all, I love it! The only issue I had is game being kinda hard for me, even on an easy difficulty. Who knows, maybe it's just me who isn't very careful, haha.

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Really nice game you got here! The music is the best part - creepy and space like. Took me a while to win on easy mode - the visibility mechanic makes it especially difficult and scary when an enemy suddenly appears right next to you! I actually didn't realise those big things I was shooting were the bases. I just thought they were a different enemy type and I'm too busy trying to stay alive to pay attention to the fact that the enemy bases remaining counter had gone down to zero. Perhaps add a bit of indication to highlight when you spot a base (as part of your tutorial?) and also a more flashy indication when you destroy one so the gamer feels satisfied they accomplished part of their goal? Really well put together! Had fun.