Game made for Cosmic Horrors Jam in 3 days.

What's your high score?


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That's cool!

12332 - A

new score

11847 - A

9477 - b


8231 - B

Any tips on how to programa collision precision? Nice game!


I got 5836.5 for a C grade


Somehow, I survived the battle haha.
Super unique game! Rare to so a rhythm game in a jam like this. I like some polish on the timing and visual indications of when to hit would be helpful like making the bar where you're slashing stand out against the backdrop. Once I got to phase two and everything spaced out, it felt out of sync and I was just spamming at that point. Also the screen shake, while a nice touch, was a bit too much and it was hard too keep track of my hit timing. I loved the gradual degradation of the heart as I kept getting hit. Excellent job!