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I just realised that you've been real busy making games in quarantine ha! Keep it coming, this one in particular is bloody lovely. Great little puzzler in a great style as always


Yeah LOL. Quarantine not thaaaaat terrible for me I'd say. Just trying to make the best of it. Thank you though, I'm kinda proud of this one. Hopefully not for long, but it's nice too look back on improvement. :D


Another nice relaxing gam... Well done, can we talk on discord if you don't mind... Keep making awesome games

Thank you! :) Yeah, for sure, add me LegionGames#8257


Sweet short little game, I loved it!

Thank you! :)


Awesome!! Great use of color, nice sound, clever puzzle, I'd love to see more.

<3 Thanks ! :)

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Looks really cool but I have no idea how to get past the second level

Edit: woop nevermind I did it